Checkpoint Head & Neck Nerve Stimulator

The Checkpoint Stimulator is a single-use, sterile device intended to provide electrical stimulation of exposed motor nerves or muscle tissue to locate and identify nerves and to test nerve and muscle excitability.

Sold in a box of 4 | RX Only

Whenever Motor Nerves are at Risk



Do not use this Stimulator when paralyzing anesthetic agents are in effect, as an absent or inconsistent response to stimulation may result in inaccurate assessment of nerve and muscle function.

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Reliably locate nerves in altered anatomy or any time motor nerves are at risk.

  • Map location of motor nerves through tissue to facilitate dissection
  • Localize motor nerve tissue obscured by scarring and tumor
  • Biphasic stimulation allows surgeon to safely stimulate nerve repeatedly and continuously without diminished motor response



Confidently identify motor nerves during surgical exposure

  • Confirm whether a tissue structure is or is not a motor nerve
  • Confirmation of motor nerve response by tetanic contraction
  • Identify individual motor nerve branches through soft tissue and tumor

Neck Dissection


Evaluate nerve and muscle function for surgical decision-making

  • Safe and reliable nerve stimulation
  • Easy to palpate muscle response
  • Biphasic stimulation allows for repeated nerve stimulation without diminished response



For more complex procedures that require a higher stimulation amplitude (20mA) or more discrete stimulation adjustments, Checkpoint Stimulator/Locator #9094 is also available. Potential procedures include facial nerve repair, free muscle transfers, revision tumor, facial trauma reconstruction and many others.

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