Checkpoint Guardian Surgical Stimulator

In surgery, every decision is critical, and every critical decision must be backed by information. Checkpoint Guardian helps you unlock the information you need to assess and protect nerves during surgery―information that helps you make intraoperative decisions for your patients.

Keep The Power of Nerve Information at Your Fingertips


Checkpoint Guardian


The Checkpoint Stimulator is a single-use, sterile device intended to provide electrical stimulation of exposed motor nerves or muscle tissue to locate and identify nerves and to test nerve and muscle excitability. Do not use this Stimulator when paralyzing anesthetic agents are in effect, as an absent or inconsistent response to stimulation may result in an inaccurate assessment of nerve and muscle function.

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The Decision in Your Hands

The Checkpoint Guardian next-generation stimulator offers enhanced features for information delivery, including a visual display of amplitude and pulse duration output. Like all Checkpoint stimulators, Guardian may be used safely for sustained or repeated nerve stimulation without diminished response.


  • Determine stimulation threshold for motor response
  • Test for changes in nerve function throughout the procedure
  • Stimulate muscle to evaluate excursion in tendon and free muscle transfers

Intraoperative Modeling

  • Evaluate muscle excitability following tendon transfer or repair
  • Adjust stimulation intensity to proportionally control the strength of muscle contraction.


  • Reliably locate nerves in altered anatomy or anytime nerves are at risk
  • Map location of the nerve through tissue
  • Localize nerve tissue obscured by scarring, tumor or bone


Nerve Safe Biphasic Technology

All Checkpoint Stimulators use a biphasic waveform that is safe for prolonged or repeated stimulation without diminished response.

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