Checkpoint Gemini Bipolar Nerve Stimulator

Optimal outcomes rely on making finely tuned surgical decisions. Understanding nerve function at the fascicular level may mean the difference between ambiguity and certainty. The CHECKPOINT GEMINI™ Bipolar Nerve Stimulator delivers focused stimulation of specific nerves and fascicles, allowing you to take surgical actions based on the most precise information available.

Precise Information Can Make the Difference



The Checkpoint Gemini Bipolar Nerve Stimulator is a single-use, sterile device intended to provide electrical stimulation of exposed motor nerves or muscle tissue to locate and identify nerves and to test nerve and muscle excitability.

Do not use this Stimulator when paralyzing anesthetic agents are in effect, as an absent or inconsistent response to stimulation may result in inaccurate assessment of nerve and muscle function.

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Optimal decisions require precise information

  • Bipolar stimulation probe for finely controlled stimulation
  • Intraneural information for precise decisions
  • Safe and easy to use

This device is intended for direct stimulation of nerve tissue. If the procedure requires stimulation through other tissue such as scar to locate specific nerves, or direct stimulation of muscle tissue in order to assess or confirm function, the CHECKPOINT GUARDIAN™ nerve stimulator is recommended.

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