LipoGrafter is a medical device used for harvesting and grafting autologous fat. It is the only surgical solution designed to facilitate not only the harvesting, but also the re-injection of fat. The components of the kit include an atraumatic tissue valve (AT-Valve), KVAC constant-vacuum harvesting device, tubing connection set and four collection bags. The device is designed to be a start-to-finish closed system, minimizing the risk of contamination, while minimizing fat cell damage.

  • Controlled suction
  • Closed system
  • Minimal processing of grafts
  • Controlled volume re-injection
  • Minimize tissue trauma and graft exposure time
  • Minimized contamination risk

Kit Contains: 1 KVAC syringe, 1 AT Valve, Connection Tubing, (4) 250ml Storage Bags

LipoGrafter Brochure

LipoGrafter Brochure

Sell Sheet

LipoGrafter Sell Sheet

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